Friday, May 04, 2007

Get Your Moonshine Music Fix!

There's been a lot of music lately.

New live music venue Groovejunction opened its doors a bit more than a month ago and is nice enough to not charge an admission fee for most of their gigs (they look like they can afford it).

KL Jam Asia has been hosting gigs left right and center and has done a lot to fill the gaps across the gigging circuit.

A new series called Fireflies and Something Something has been going on (at Jam Asia) and apparently there's a decent following for the mostly acoustic (or so I've heard) show. They've been steadily hosting gigs and it doesn't look like their gonna let up anytime soon. Good for them =)

Troubadours is back, this time at the Attic in Bangsar. The next show is on the 17th of May. line-up TBC. Welcome back!

Even Pete Teo's Songwriter's round is back with 2 shows on the 18th and 19th of May at Alexis Ampang (I'll be playing on the 19th)

I 'm pretty psyched for this month's Moonshine (as well as the next one, but I'll tell you about that one sometime later) coz we've got an impressive list of local acts lined-up for you. Lemme introduce them:

Compromising of Yob on guitar and Liyana on vocals, this is an acoustic act some of you may know if you've gone to enough Troubadours' gigs. This 2 piece act has the tendency to churn out laidback, easy-listening tunes, delivered in through simple guitar lines and sweet calming vocals. They're mix of indie pop and jazz will be backed up by a full band of sessionists, a format I've seen them in at a charity gig a while back. Good stuff. More info here.

The first time I saw Furniture was back in a day when they weren't even called Furniture. They were called Rush back then and I caught their blistering, ambient, space-worthy set in KL Jam Asia quite a few years ago. Now after a few line-up shuffles and with a slightly different take in terms of musical direction (from what I remember) they've been playing gigs all over the place. If my sources are correct, they just got back from a show in Bangkok not too long ago. More info here.

Laila's Lounge
One of my favorite local bands at the moment, these boys have been around since the late 90s and is made up of Hadi on vocals, Bai on guitar, Icham on drums, Anas on bass and Toya on guitar. After a very long hiatus they've been active again and were most recently seen opening for singer-songwriter Jens Lekman. The boys from JB were also part of the supporting line-up for local indie darlings Bittersweet as they toured the country and also made an appearance at regional music magazine Junk's quarterly variety show - Junk Night. A very tight, seasoned act with some of the most mesmerizing indie tunes you'll find this side of the peninsular. More info here.

They Will Kill Us All
I have heard a lot about this band. I was curious to find out what all the fuss was about since I saw them once and wasn't really impressed. Great. Another band with loud material. I decided to catch them again since the first time was more like me dropping by Laundry bar for 5 minutes and catching them mid-song - not the best way to assess a band, and caught them recently at Little Havana for a Glory For Indie gig.

I was right in front, waiting for the band to come up and when they finally did - I was blown away. They were intense, tight as hell, and sounded very much like a coordinated landslide of audio mayhem. Forgive the dramatics, but I was really drawn to what these guys were doing that night. That and the fact that frontman Fizul is probably one of the very few vocalists who has no qualms about physically expressing himself on stage, a quality a lot of Malaysian frontmen/musos lack. I asked them to play the minute the show was over. I hope you like them. More info here.

See you Thursday!