Monday, April 09, 2007

Bringing it Back.

We're going back to basics with half of the line-up this month with singer-songwriters Yuri and Jasemaine Gan taking the helm (both will be backed up by sessionists) and modern rock outfit Plush together with power poppers Lucy in the Loo taking the rear (that sounds very wrong). Another month, another Moonshine. Don't miss out!

Jasemaine Gan
If you've ever been to local music platform Troubadours you might have seen Jasemaine play before. Reserved and sweet, make too much noise and you might miss out on her gentle vocals and impressive songwriting. Radio-friendly folk with heaps of ethnic confusion (she has a song where she sings in Mandarin and manages to slip in some Malay here and there) executed in a way only a true identity challenged Malaysian can, Jasemaine will help calm all those nerves and stress with her pop-tinged folk and thai back rubs (ok so maybe just the pop-tinged folk). More here.

No Yuri isn't some Russian act brought in for your listening pleasure. He is in fact a full blooded Chinese man from Melaka who has such an impressive command over the sacred six-string that he can practically churn out pretty much any tune you know (provided its from the 90s that is). Not really one to bill a living jukebox, I roped him in for the rich acoustic layers and melodies that he makes.

Backed up by a few sessionists, this composer (he works for a jingle studio), gig organiser (he's one half of Project Bazooka, one of the three resident shows that happen at Laundry every month and Malaysia's very own music wiki), and rock kangkang ambassador (he plays guitar for local act Frequency Canon) will be on hand this Thursday for all you lucky music fans. More info here and here.

Some of you might have heard of this band under the tag GroundXero, a band that did their rounds a few years back. Influenced by the likes of Incubus, Audioslave, Muse, A Perfect Circle, Guano Apes and The Smashing Pumpkins, they're pretty proficient in what they do and have appeared on TV show 3R's Girls' Day Out Festival (yes they're an all girl band) and managed to get a spot at Baybeats in Singapore back in 2005. They're working on their EP at the moment and will be gracing Moonshine with their presence for the first time this Thursday. Modern rock fans take note.

Lucy in the Loo
One of the more familiar names in the indie scene these days, Lucy in the Loo's brand of power pop is both infectious and ridiculously accessible. Simple arrangements backed up by a lot of hook based choruses make for yummy sing-a-long anthems and before you know it you'll be singiing along like a fool. I personally like front girl Hana's clear, sweet vocals and it was probably the first thing that drew me to the band. I managed to catch their set at last year's Rock the World. Good stuff. Don't miss 'em! More info here.