Friday, March 02, 2007

Moonshine has landed! Again.

I hope you all had a very festive Chinese New Year as I'm sure we were all in need of a break. I got to see the Beastie Boys and Jurassic 5 over the holidays (woohoo!) so mine was as merry as a music festival. As usual this month's Moonshine features acts from the local independent scene, some old, some new. I hope you like them.

Jerome Kugan
An eccentric variation of the usual KL singer-songwriter, Jerome's style and delivery of his haunting, melancholic tunes is both unusual and endearing. He also has a tendency to forgo the sixstring and some points during his set in favor of his trusty laptop, a supplier or pre-programmed beats and sounds that set the backdrop for his writings. Interesting stuff. More here.

"Some might think of Auburn as crusaders fighting a cause long dead. But short of hailing them as the holy liberators of modern rock, they are nonetheless pilgrims on an enchanting journey to artistic perfection. Karya (They're debut release) is inspiring, definitely one of the releases of the year." - Think Online

Lead guitarist and vocalist Izuan Shah and myself share something in common, we came from the same melting pot of young musicians who got together every weekend to jam in a dingy room belonging to a certain secondary school in PJ. Droning pumpkin-esque lines dominate this band's sound, recently augmented by new additions Hanafi and Izzat on 2nd guitar and bass respectively. It's been quite some time since I saw this band play a full electric set and I managed to get a little listen during soundcheck last Sunday. Come down this Thursday to hear for yourself. More here.

A band that's been steadily improving every time I see them play, these boys from Indonesia makes music you wanna nod your head and lie down to at the same time. A 6 piece band, they're Brit-rock/Coldplay vibe is both sooting and infectious. Interesting arrangements, layers and dynamics makes these boys a band to look out for. This will be Lightcraft's 2nd appearance at Moonshine and I am glad to have 'em back. More here.

Tempered Mental
One of my personal favorite live acts to watch these days, Melina, Jimmy and Jack take band chemistry to new heights as they plow through super tight arrangements and progressions. They were the opening act for Rock the World 7 and combined make one of the most talented trios in town. Yes I am a fan. There has been wind of a new album. I am gonna start a Melina fan club. Catch them now before they leave all of us behind for modern rock music stardom. More here.