Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

Argh. I've been busy as toot so this will have to be quick.

All I have to say this month is:

I know Paolo's mom. I'm hoping he as good live as his mom. Sorry dude. Couldn't resist =)

Expect nice indie pop grooves from Oddstars. In other random news, Alang the Oddstars drummer is a major band slut. He also plays for They Will Kill Us All, Man Under Zero Effort, and sessions for Force Vomit and Stoned Revivals when they're around.

Seven is new and brimming with potential. Newblood good.

Karen was billed for the first ever gig I played way back in 2000 I think. Based in Japan, she's as folky as they come and is super nice too. She also has a song about nasi campur.

Come come come.