Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Stage, New Sound.

It's only Feb and I can tell that it's gonna be an interesting year. New bands, new gigs, and new venues are slowly starting to pop up and gig organisers everywhere sign in relief at the influx of activity and talent. Keeping with the spirit of things, Moonshine's back with a couple of new acts (and an old one) so do come down to check 'em out. Laundry's also gone through a recent upgrade, their stage is no longer at the usual spot and has been switched to the elevated area on the side. Looks and sounds heaps better. Mark your calenders folks!

Zach Tay Trio
Zach's been emailing me for quite some time, alternating back and forth between here and Melbourne and popping up and popular open mic nights. Joined by Jon on drums and Godesh on bass, they form the Zach Tay Trio and showcase a blend of alternative and pop rock. More here.

Ash Nair
He's a Malaysian Idol runner-up, he just released his debut single entitled "A Day Before Tomorrow" and he has a music video made by Hue Visual Labs (this is a good thing). Backed by a 5 piece band, I'm looking forward to what Ash is gonna bring to Moonshine this coming Thursday. If you wanna find out you better come down yourselves. More here.

These boys open mic-ed a few Moonshines ago and I was quite taken by their infectious pop funk/rock driven riffs. Alot of energy and alot of feet thumping to this one. A 4 piece act initially called Epicure, Neomedicus have been around for quite some time, starting out in '98 and gigging around KL during the indie scene heydey back then. They've had a few releases in past and are currently working on an EP. They don't hold back so fasten your seat belts.

Reza Salleh
I'll be selling my brand spanking new single. Please. Come. And. Buy. Tell your friends too. More here.



Zach Tay
Ash Nair
Reza Salleh

date: 8th Feb 2007
time: 930pm sharp
venue: Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
admission: FREE